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1. Shutterbug Photography has the right to deliver the content within 10-15 weeks.  There won’t be a privilege of emergency delivery of the content, as we follow the first come first serve rule for bookings as well as the post-production.    


2. Shutterbug Photography has the Rights to publish the work online on their respective website and social media channels.      


3. Monetary terms: The 50% of the payment has to be made prior to the event. 20% would be paid within 7 working days, and the remaining 30% of the payment in cash or cheque once the content is delivered, which includes the additional charges for the album depending upon the package.      


4. Shutterbug Photography is not responsible for the refund if the event is canceled or the date has been changed suddenly without informing us 45 days prior.   


5. Shutterbug Photography cannot promise the exact duration of the wedding film.      


6. Shutterbug Photography is not liable to arrange an immediate extra angle of photographer/cinematographer/videographer if it is not mentioned in the package discussed earlier.      


7. Shutterbug Photography is not responsible if the Pre-wedding/Post wedding shoot does not cover the locations planned within 1 day. If the customer requires extended Photo/video shooting on the next day, it will carry an additional charge.      


8.  Shutterbug Photography generally does not take photographs of people eating as we find it really awkward to do so. If it is required, the client should inform prior.
9. If the location is not local, the client is liable for the Flight tickets and accommodation of the team assigned to the event. 


10. During a break from one event to another, the client should make sitting arrangements for the entire team.



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